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Emerson College Student Union

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This site is NO LONGER being actively maintained — please visit this site for more up to date information on our current organizing!

To preserve some of the (limited) institutional memory which exists on Emerson’s campus, this site will be kept up as an archive of one iteration of our group.

The Emerson College Student Union is a non-hierarchical organization of students committed to changing Emerson College’s classist structure through organizing and community care.

We stand for justice for the Emer$on students the college system was built to exclude — including low-income students, students of color, and queer students. We are a platform for all student voices to speak out. We believe that student power is key to liberation for us all.

This website is an archive of our work as well as a resource for low-income students. Check out our Resources tab to see a list of resources for free or reduced cost food, books, and more. To learn more about us, check out our Manifesto, a collaboratively written living document. You can find past episodes our Student Radio Show, ECSU Radio Hour, on our Archive page.

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Be Heard!

Everyone deserves a voice and a vote. From voicing your opinion on tuition increases to sharing your struggles with tuition, we’ve compiled a list of ways to speak out.

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Care for your community!

We stand in solidarity with our Emerson community and commit to offering mutual aid and support every step of the way.

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Anyone affiliated with Emerson College—from students to employees to alum—is invited to organize with us. No commitment is too small!

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The ECSU newsletter is open to submissions from all people affiliated with Emerson College. We publish thinkpieces, DIYs, comics, and more! The only requirement is that the content relates to Emerson College and social justice. Work can be published anonymously or with your real or pen name.