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Stop the tuition increase

Emerson College has proposed a 3.5% tuition increase for the upcoming 2020-21 school year.

That is $1,700 more per semester, and would bring the total tuition to $50,260.

If it goes through, this will be the 10th consecutive year that tuition has increased. Students cannot afford another $1,700. We are campaigning for the board to repeal the increase.

  • Call the board of trustees and tell them how another tuition increase harms you. There is a call script and phone number list below.
  • Anonymously submit your story about your experiences with tuition. We will publish this on our social media and include it in our messages to the Board.

Call and Email the Board of Trustees:

Call Script:

Hello, is this [name of Trustee]?

[If yes, continue with this script.]

[If no, say, I’m calling because, [name of Trustee] is a officer of the board of Trustees at Emerson and I want to leave a message for them.]

My name is [your name] and I’m a [student/former student/future student/alum/employee/parent of a student] at Emerson College. I’m reaching out today because you are an officer on the Board of Trustees, and I want to make it clear that I do not support the 3.5% tuition increase. I am asking for the decision to be repealed.

[Optional: Insert personal story here or read an excerpt from our #ECStudentsSpeakOut series.]

No student should have to choose between  a quality education and financial stability.

Emerson’s tuition has increased every year for the past 10 years, netting a total 54% increase since 2010.

Every year many Emersonians are forced to choose between suffering debilitating debt and dropping out. Low financial aid, expensive housing costs, and food insecurity further exhaust the student body while the salaries of a select few elites continue to benefit. It is up to you to break this insidious pattern.

I am counting on you to represent Emerson College and its proposed core values of respect, equal treatment, and diversity. Do not let the student body down—repeal the increase.

Thank you for your time.

Facts about tuition at Emer$on:

For the past 10 years, the cost of tuition and fees have increased every year.

The cost of room and board has increased every year since 2010.


Emerson tries to justify tuition increases by comparing itself to colleges such as Brandeis University, Boston College, and Northeastern University. These colleges meet between 94%-100% of student financial need. Emerson, on average, meets only 64% of student need.


The Board of Trustees have not promised to stop the increases.

When asked last year, President Lee Pelton said: “I wouldn’t wish to commit the college to a promise they cannot keep.”


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